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Various / The Mystery of Polyphony

The Mystery of Polyphony

This CD presents the miracle of the unique vocal tradition and compelling choral arrangements of Corsica and Sardinia. On both these islands, a unique choral tradition has developed over the centuries. The repertoire includes religious songs, folk songs, love songs, shepherd’s songs, and madrigals from several centuries.

The polyphonic singing of Sardinia and Corsica is virtually unknown in the rest of Europe. An article in the leading German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung described this music as an "infinite wonder of tonal beauty and archaic phrasing" and went on to claim that "the musical development often has something of the majestic architectural quality of a liturgical chant."

The collection presents Sardinia’s five leading choirs, collected during a WDR recording tour, and the launneddas playing of Luigi Lai. The Tenores di Bitti, currently recording in Peter Gabriel’s Realworld-Studios, were greatly admired by none other than Frank Zappa. The revival of traditional culture by Canta u Populu Corsu & A Filleta has contributed towards a new Corsican self-awareness. The five singers of Donnisulana, outstanding soloists of Corsican polyphonic music, are the islands’ only female choir.

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