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  • 01 Gorban Nakralo
  • 02 Bana Rah Baga Meh
  • 04 Karioh
  • 05 Solo For Karthal In Trital
  • 06 Mendi

Kohinoor Langa Group

Kohinoor Langa Group / Music from the Desert Nomads

Music from the Desert Nomads

In the rugged wastes of the Thar desert, there is an extremely rich and diverse folk tradition of performing arts. Yet the music and dance of this region is virtually unknown in the western world. The members of the Kohinoor Langa Group belong to a caste of musicians that has shaped the musical landscape of Asia for centuries. The focus is on vocal soli of astonishing virtuosity, including highly professional performances by a boy of only twelve, irresistible percussion rhythms and lyrical sarangi string passages. The sheer plasticity of the musical texture brings the lyrics vividly to life in the mind’s eye, and the listener can easily imagine the magnificent beauty of an opulently ornamented camel, the deep yearning of a woman whose man is far away, or the boundless joy of a wedding celebration.

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