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Ankala: Mark Atkins, Janawirri Yiparrka & Michael Atherton

Ankala: Mark Atkins, Janawirri Yiparrka & Michael Atherton / Rhythms from the Outer Core

Rhythms from the Outer Core

The didjeridu is made from the trunk of a eucalyptus tree that has been eaten by termites. It is without doubt one of the oldest instrument in the world. It is played with circular breathing and produces a mysterious sound that is rich in overtones.

Because it is rare to find recordings of didjeridu music on the market (as a general rule there are 10 recordings by "white" players to one by an Aborigine), Christian Scholze set off for Australia with the specific aim of recording two of the greatest didjeridu virtuosos playing with composer and connoisseur of the traditional music scene Michael Atherton and numerous guests.

At the lips of didjeridu players Mark Atkins and Janawirri Yiparrka, the continuous stream of air becomes modulated into natural desert and steppe sounds, into old tribal songs and polyphonic melodies with break-neck rhythms.

In the studio it was possible to fulfil the dream of recording the didjeridu being played with various other instruments: longer original compositions were created in which the didjeridus harmonised marvellously with bouzouki, accordion, dobro, hurdy-gurdy, soprano saxophone and flute.

The session ended in a percussion fireworks that enticed formerly unheard-of sounds from the didjeridus. Ankala produce a sound in which the didjeridu combines organically with the various other instruments in order to tell about the heat and breadth of the country and its age-old culture.

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