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  • 01 Brisas Del Zulia - Reyna, F
  • 02 La Muerte Del Animal - Lili
  • 07 Son Chispitas - Lilia Vera
  • 12 San Juán To Lo Tiene - Se
  • 18 Carnaval - Trio Llanero


Various / Pajarillo verde

Pajarillo verde

Popular music in Venezuela emanated from a meeting of three cultures: the five-thousand-year-old musical traditions of the indigenous peoples became mixed with the Arab-Andalusian songs and dances of the Spanish conquerors and the complex sound patterns of the music of the African slaves forced to work along the Caribbean coast of Venezuela. These manifold ethnic and multicultural melting-processes turned Venezuela into a country of Mestizos. The complex tones, the numerous rhythmic variations and the virtuosity it demands of the singers of its folk poetry, have made Venezuelan folk music one of Latin America’s most attractive. Prominence is given here to the national instrument, the cuatro, a small, multi-stringed guitar that requires a high degree of musicality and dexterity. Other string instruments included on this recording are the guitar, the mandolin, the bandola, the harp, plus drums and maracas. The songs and dance and instrumental pieces are performed by Venezuela’s most renowned interpreters: Lilia Vera, the illustrious voice of Venezuelan folk music and winner of numerous national and international prizes; four thorough-bred musicians forming the Serenata Guayanesa who have been exploring their country’s musical tradition for 25 years and have become almost synonymous with Venezuelan music, from traditional rhythms to coffee house music; Fredy Reyna, who made the cuatro famous all over the world; and the Trio Llanero, who in the late 1970s became the highly successful heirs of the country’s harp-playing tradition.

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