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Various / A mi patria

A mi patria

Peru’s great geographic and ethnic diversity and its chequered history are all reflected in the enormous variety of its musical traditions. This CD is the first to present music from all over the country, providing a broad insight into the music of the coast and the mountains, played on a wealth of different flutes, percussion and stringed instruments and featuring such outstanding soloists as charango player Jaime Guardia and violinist Máximo Damián. Down the centuries, since the days of the Spanish conquistadores, European and Black African musical elements have forged a fascinating synthesis. Carmen Flórez draws from the wellspring of Creole tradition and her voice can lend the simplest of songs all the depth of a cante jondo. Susana Banca, often described as the lyrical voice of Peru, proudly sings of the sufffering and rebellion of her forebears, in the rhythms of the sugar plantations and cotton fields of the north and south coasts and Lima’s ethnic melting pot. Guitarrist Félix Casaverde is renowned as one of the finest interpreters of Peruvian coastal music.

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