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Tajima Tadashi

Tajima Tadashi / Master of Shakuhachi

Master of Shakuhachi

It is hard to believe the sounds that can be produced by a bamboo pipe with five finger holes and no mouthpiece. In the hands of a master who has concentrated for decades solely on this "simple" instrument, the breath is modulated to describe the sounds of nature and the "singing bamboo" blossoms once again. Subtle changes in tonality create infinite variations on the long individual note, using an astonishingly broad range of microtones and dynamic shading to achieve a rich tapestry of sound that makes listening a fascinating new experience. Tajima Tadashi is such a master, an almost esoteric sorcerer of sound whose playing may be described as distinctly meditative and introverted. The solo repertoire of the shakuhachi allows the player enormous freedom to develop a highly individual sound. In Zen Buddhism, this instrument is regarded as a tool of meditation. Tajima Tadashi learned his art from one of the great masters and is regarded today as one of the best and most versatile shakuhachi players in all Japan. The winner of many awards, he presents his art at concerts throughout the world and also trains young players.

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