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Various / Golden Afrique Vol. 3

Golden Afrique Vol. 3

Many of the artists on this album were influenced by Black American jazz, gospel funk and soul. Our journey begins with “Mbube” in the style of Zulu vocal music. As the original version of the famous “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” it is a prime example of the unpaid exploitation of Black South African music by the western pop industry over a period of 60 years. This is followed by the Ladysmith Black Mambazo choir performing an early hit. The lively, rhythmic jive of the townships is represented here by West Nkosi, Sipho Mabuse and the early Mahotella Queens. We also hear soulful pieces by and with the young Miriam Makeba and featuring the Soul Brothers. Some musicians working in exile at this time included Hugh Masekela and Johnny Dyani. The music of Zimbabwe is inspired by the sound of the mbira, a traditional instrument echoed directly in the guitar cascades of The Four Brothers and Hallelujah Chicken Run. We also hear rhumbira and jit, rooted in Congolese rumba. From the copper belt of Zambia comes a more Central African dance sound, represented here by the Masasu Band, The Big Gold Six and Smokey Hangala. This exciting compilation includes many rare gems never previously released on CD. A detailed and informative high-format booklet with fantastic photos by Jürgen Schadeberg. 2 CDs with 2 hrs 20 min playing time.

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