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  • 1-01 Gabi Lunca
  • 1-04 Esma Redzepova
  • 1-07 Mitsou & Ando Drom
  • 1-08 La Macanita
  • 1-11 Romica Puceanu
  • 1-16 Dzansever
  • 2-03 Mitsou With Lájos Kathy
  • 2-04 Gabi Lunca & Ensemble Io
  • 2-07 Esma Redzepova
  • 2-10 Romica Puceanu
  • 2-13 Dzansever & Ensemble Jus
  • 2-14 La Macanita With Moraito


Various / Gypsy Queens / Flammes du Coeur

Gypsy Queens / Flammes du Coeur

For the first time in the history of phonographic recording, this double CD presents six of the most outstanding female voices in Gypsy music in one edition. These are songs of impassioned intensity, smouldering with emotion. Brand new recordings from Skopje feature Esma Redzepova, hailed as Queen of the Gypsies in Rajastan no less than 25 years ago. Together with her husband, she adopted 47 street children and orphans, and gave them musical training. With her ensemble, she performs hymn-like songs and spirited belly dances. Dzansever was born in a tent in Macedonia. As a child, she sang on the streets and later at weddings, performing in restaurants across Europe until she was discovered by the Turkish superstar Ibrahim Tatlises. She now lives in Istanbul and her arabesque style has made her a star throughout the Near East. For these recordings, she returned to the cradle of her musical career. La Macanita comes from the Gypsy district of Jerez in Andalusia. With her impulsive and expressive voice, she is one of the great discoveries of Flamenco music to emerge in the past decade. For the Seville recordings she brought along Moraito, currently one of the most celebrated of all Flamenco guitarists. Romica Puceanu died recently in a car accident after performing at a wedding. Her ballads, blending bitter-sweet melancholy with the tender pain of sorrow, captivated audiences far beyond her native Romania. Gabi Lunca is the other great diva of Romanian Gypsy music. To virtuoso accompaniment, she sings with soulful grace of love, longing and the troubles of everyday life. Her songs are released on CD for the first time. The "fragile vocal princess" Mitsou from Budapest is the youngest of the Gypsy Queens presented here. Her "miracle voice" has enchanted international audiences in recent years. Here, she performs impressively with the groups Ando Drom and Bratsch.

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