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Various / Soul of Klezmer / Rêve et Passion

Soul of Klezmer / Rêve et Passion

Klezmer music provides intense pleasure, enlivens festivals or functions as a delightful diversion. The music of the Jews of Eastern Europe still plays an important role at weddings, giving rise to that exuberant atmosphere for which those events are renowned. In the wake of Jewish emigration at the turn of the century, this music lived on in America. Legendary 78s bear witness to the virtuosity of klezmer musicians between the two world wars. After the Second World War, however, klezmer music began to drift into oblivion. Then in the 1970s and 80s there was a veritable renaissance which is meantime evident on almost all five continents of the globe in the form of hundred of klezmer ensembles. In a process of creative exchange the Eastern European roots of this music have become interwoven with elements of swing, jazz, blues, classical and avant-garde music. The new groups have developed klezmer music into an art form which, thanks to its leaning towards innovation, its clever playing techniques and its maintenance of respect for the sources, packs concert halls the world over. Network has been on an exciting journey into the world of the klezmorim and brought back some incredibly valuable treasures. This collection, the most extensive to date, ranges from the music of the best current klezmer bands to some carefully selected highlights by the great old masters whose influence can still be felt to this very day. The genre itself embraces emotionally charged ballads, effervescent wedding dances and virtuoso instrumental improvisations. The main instruments are the violin, the clarinet and the accordion which, either in small intimate line ups or in conjunction with big bands, present the unmistakable klezmer sound in its unique tonal richness: several pieces by the two famous American bands Brave Old World and the Klezmatics with some as yet unpublished special projects, and a new recording by the virtuoso violinist Alicia Svigals. Also included are Andy Statman, Klezmer Plus, New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, Budowitz, Klezmorim, Kapelye, The Chicago Klezmer Ensemble, Muzsikás, Kasbek, Budapester Klezmer Band, Kroke. The old masters are represented by Dave Tarras, Naftule Brandwein, Abe Schwartz and the still active Epstein Brothers, and the piece with singer Ava Gold from the award winning film "A Tickle in the Heart" is released here for the first time.

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