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  • 1-05 Pepe Vasquez
  • 1-07 Ti-Coca
  • 1-10 Vieja Trova Santiaguera
  • 1-16 The Abyssinians
  • 2-01 Monguito el Unico & Doh A
  • 2-04 Luizinho Vieira & Brazil
  • 2-05 Mario Canonge
  • 2-09 Totó la Momposina
  • 2-11 Big Mama Thornton
  • 1-12 Lisandro Meza


Various / Musica Negra in the Americas

Musica Negra in the Americas

Musica Negra in the Americas is a journey of discovery along the dream roads of the Americas and the Caribbean to the different Black cultures and their expressive music. Christian Scholze of Network teamed up with American world music journalist Dan Rosenberg to travel through more than twenty countries in search of the best musicians and groups. "We visited cities overflowing with music and rhythm, such as Louisiana, Havana, Salvador de Bahia and Port of Spain in Trinidad. Yet it was in the remoter regions where we discovered the real musical surprises. The local Black music of Esmeralda on Ecuador&Mac226;s Pacific coast, the sounds of Belize and Curacao, and the music played in the backyards of Guatemala were truly intoxicating. We have a message for all friends of African-Latin rhythms: Cuba was just the beginning." On the two CDs and in the booklet we present: the Son and Salsa-stars Vieja Trova Santiaguera, Septeto Raison and CubaŒs legendary Septeto Nacional, the fiery Carmen Gonzalez from Ecuador, Luizinho Vieira and Paulinho da Viola from Brazil, The Abyssinians and The Congos from Jamaica, Big Mama Thornton with Muddy Waters from the USA. Haiti is represented by Toto Bissainthe, the charming tropical dandy Ti-Coca and the amazing Grupo Vocal Desandann. We hear the Parranda music of Garifuna, Calypsos, Kaseko and Plena from the Caribbean and Central America, Son and Salsa from Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Cumbias by Lizandro Meza and Totó La Momposina from Colombia, erotic dance music from Martinique and Guadeloupe, the stars of Afro-Caribbean music Pepe Vasquez and Susana Baca from Peru. And the bridge from Africa to Salsa with a legendary recording of Monguito el Unico with vocalist Doh Albert. Many of the tracks are from small, highly specialised labels in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean, which are difficult to get hold of here. Some songs were originally recorded for this anthology.

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