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Various / Golden Brass Summit / Fanfares en délire

Golden Brass Summit / Fanfares en délire

Following our critically acclaimed and award-winning anthologies "Road of the Gypsies / L'Épopée Tzigane", "Gypsy Queens / Flammes du cœur" and "Balkan Blues / Souffles de l'âme"- all classics in their own right - as well as a number of productions in Greece, Turkey, Macedonia and Hungary, we have now scaled new summits, tuning in to the impassioned golden sound of brass.

Every summer, the town of Guca in Serbia hosts an amazing and utterly unique brass festival in which as many as four hundred brass bands - regional winners chosen from twice that number in previous heats - compete for the coveted prize of the Golden Trumpet.

The festival attracts crowds of 300,000 and seals the fortunes of the winners - at least until the next competition comes around - because the best are in huge demand to play at the biggest weddings and other major celebrations.

Most of the prizes are carried away by the virtuoso Gypsy musicians. "Golden Brass Summit" is a retrospective survey of the finest work of the past forty years, selected from some 1300 recordings in the archives of the House of Culture in Guca. Many of these recordings have never been published before.

This double CD is an anthology of musical styles ranging from emotive ballads with imaginative solo passages to the irresistible sound of the exhilarating Gypsy dance "Cocek". The album also includes some of the music that can be heard on the fringes of the festival: polyphonic singing, accordion, violin and flute - and young trumpet players who can hardly be seen behind their instrument.

This is a musical rarity that will enthral not only lovers of brass bands and unusual Balkan rhythms. Featuring Boban Markovic, Dusan Radetic, Fejat Sejdic, Milan Nikolic, Nani Ajdinovic, Ljubisa Stamenkovic, Jovica Ajdarevic, Bakija Bakic, Slobodan Salijevic, Milovan Babic, Durmis Ismailovic, Ekrem Sajdic, Meka Ajdinoic, Sinisa Stankovic – all with their “orkestars” and Milicia Stosic, Paganke, Spasoje Jovic, Vica Choir, Vladan Baralic, Ferus Mustafov, Budimir Ilic, Aca Novkovic.

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