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Various / Island Blues / Entre mer et ciel

Island Blues / Entre mer et ciel

After years of research, this dream project for the Network anthologies series has finally come true. Fantastic, emotive ballads from the Comoros, Madagascar, Réunion und Cap Verde islands off the coast of Africa; campesino music and smoky son montuno from Cuba, Afro-ballads from Haiti, Jamaica and Curaçao, zouk from Martinique and Guadeloupe, spine-tingling song from Flores and Sumatra, and the amazing groove of Javan ensemble Sambasunda. Enchanting bamboo, guitar and magical sounds of the South Sea islands and Hawaii. From Europe: three legendary bards from the mountains of Crete, all with their own highly distinctive style, polyphonic songs from Sardinia and Corsica, the virtuoso Irish band Altan and some filigree piping from the Emerald Isle. Finally, the almost African-sounding blues from the Hebrides in Scotland round off this symphony of the music between sea and sky. This anthology has been collected, edited and described by island-lover Christian Scholze, who has visited almost all of the islands presented here (and many more besides). He even got married in Honolulu, Hawaii (because they wanted whales and dolphins as his witnesses - and got them too). Today, under the name Christos Scholzakis, he lives for much of the year on the south coast of Crete. Under the title "A mosaic of island fantasies, or the undiscovered island calls with its perfume like a courtesan," he writes: "... Our yearning for islands seems to be hopelessly directed at places where we seek to create the world anew, both inwardly and outwardly - at least in our dreams. This dream voyage charts the evocative music of far-flung islands, setting sail for the fringes of known society with bluesy ballads that tell of personal suffering and courage, of sadness and yearning. Rather than indulging in hectic island-hopping, we chose to drop anchor in five major regions and take on board the prevailing atmosphere and mood. Other voyages and other ports of call may follow.” Around Africa: Comoros, Madagascar, Réunion, Cape Verde: Baco, Nawal, Jean Émilien, Vaovy, Régis Gizavo, Alain Peters, Danyel Waro, Titina, Simentera. The Caribbean: Cuba, Curacao, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica: Conjunto Campesino Cuyaguateje, Septeto Nacional, Oswin Chin Behilia, Kali, Erick Cosaque & Voltage 8, Ti-Coca, Lititz Mento Band. Indonesia, Flores, Java, Sumatra: Dhikiro Men's Chorus, Sambasunda, Gendang Lima Sendalanen. Waves of Bamboo & Guitars: Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii: Halamangaono Group, Pynolasa Bamboo Band, Bimbo, Emma & Groupe Paumotu Mariterangi, Phoenix Choir, Benny Nawahi. Around Europe: Crete, Sardinia, Corsica, Ireland, Outer Hebrides: Psarantonis, Loudovikos, Manolis Margaritis, Donnisulana, Coro di Neoneli with Luigi Lai, Altan, Declan Masterson, Catherine-Ann MacPhee.

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