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Urna / Urna PortraitUrna / Urna Portrait

Urna Portrait


Urna takes us on a wonderful dream-like journey during which we experience the extraordinary variability of her voice with its four-octave range, from the highest intensely clear pitches to the warm sometimes merely whispered pianissimo passages.

After hearing a concept with Urna Norbert Krampf wrote: “The secret behind this charismatic musician is a charm imbued with Buddhist philosophy, a self-evident awareness of tradition and a wide range of melodies rooted in the Central Asian steppe yet almost surreal.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

For this portrait, selected highlights from her CDs are complemented by archive recordings and guest performances, among others, at the dazzling “Sacre Concert” in Rome with the Italian saxophonist Luigi Cinque.

In her project “Amilal” she is accompanied, among others, by the virtuoso violinist Zoltan Lantos and the Iranian master percussionists Keyvan and Djamshid Chemirani.

The recordings with the much-lauded Polish group Kroke were done recently in Cracow specially for this portrait of the “Magical Voice of Mongolia”.



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