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Newsletter Spring 2012

5. Network Medien – Membran

After preliminary negotiations on possible cooperation, the two managing directors Christian Scholze (Network Medien GmbH) and Manlio Celotti (Membran Entertainment Group GmbH) met in summer in Crete to work out the finer points of the new structures and take them to the pre-contract stage. At the end of 2011, the agreements were finalized in a contract.

As of 1.1.2012 the exclusive and worldwide distribution rights for all products on the Network Medien label will lie with the Membran company in Hamburg. The Network Medien GmbH company will remain in Frankfurt and continue producing and advising for the label with the same personnel structure.

Christian Scholze of Network commented on this new cooperation: “The Network label is well established on the market, has faithful clients in many countries, and in recent years has avoided the decline in sales which other record producers have suffered. Nevertheless, it is getting increasingly difficult for small and medium-sized labels to reach their audience single-handedly and with narrow sales structures. Under these circumstances, the Membran company, with its broad distribution networks and competencies, including serving and monitoring the digital markets, is an ideal partner.”

Manlio Celotti of Membran adds: “The Network Medien label with its premium CDs is well suited to our holding company of labels and music companies, and is a qualitative addition to our repertoire. We are anticipating a certain synergy effect: in cooperation with us, the Network crew in Frankfurt can focus totally and without constant sidelong glances at marketing matters on the competent and sensitive compilation and configuration of further musical treats, which we will then enthusiastically communicate and offer to a worldwide audience by means of established and new distribution channels.” 



Network Medien
c/o Membran Media GmbH

Langenhorner Chaussee 44a
D-22335  Hamburg
Tel. 0049-40-47110117

Label Management:
Doris Wehser

Contact for distrbution companies:
Michel Prohn :


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