Spring 2012

Newsletter Spring 2012

4.  WorldMusic meets Classic, a Masterpiece:
     "Amine & Hamza – Perpetual Motion"


Amine and Hamza, two brothers from Tunisia acknowledged worldwide as geniuses on their oriental instruments, the oud, a short-necked lute, and the kanun, a zither, also recorded a piece during the Tunisian rebellion.

“We experienced the start of the revolts on site in Tunis. Then we had to leave to fulfil our concert obligations abroad, and we could not sleep for days. We kept up with every new development in our homeland and supported the revolution through the Internet.

 Then our father sent us this moving text “Les brises de ma Tunisie” (The breezes of my Tunis – My Tunis is free, the traitor is finally gone). We composed, arranged and recorded the music for it in just one day and immediately uploaded in onto the Internet.

A short time later, Ben Ali left the country. For us, that was an enormous relief, for two reasons: Tunis was finally free; and we could look forward to our next visit home. If Ben Ali had stayed in power, we would not have been able to set foot in our country again without risk after that song. Recently we gave a concert in Tunis and were thrilled that so many people knew the text by heart and could sing along with us.” 


Music Sample: Amine & Hamza "N'Seyem Tounes" (Breezes from Tunisia)

Amine & Hamza

Shortly before that, Network had just released their masterpiece `Perpetual Motion`. In these new works, modern Arab classicism meets the western modern classicism of the Boston String Quartet, with the filigree compositions leaving ample scope for improvisation.

This wonderful project is enriched by excellent guests: on the slow pieces, the clear hovering voice of Maroua, from Tunisia, in the Desert Blues style, plus virtuoso musicians on flamenco guitar, the earthy-warm sound of a flute and oriental percussion instruments.

The author Abd Lfti Ben Brahim wrote the following about this project:
"The strings of Amin`s oud and Hamza`s kanun co-mingle and invite us on a transcendent journey during which the still vivid memory of the oriental heritage blends with the fiery verve of the present. These embrace in a perpetual motion and to the rhythm of a beat imbued with the breath of life, its passions, its silences, its seductive temptations. A journey that awakens all our senses, exuding the fragrance of jasmine or underscoring the arabesques of Moorish architecture. The string quartet supporting the melodic lines forms a bridge between Orient and Occident: an invitation to coexist in a better, a multicultural world."


More Infos and music samples: 
Amine & Hamza – Perpetual Motion ►



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