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Newsletter Spring 2012

3. Soundtracks of the unfinished revolutions in Tunis and Egypt

The first half of the year 2011 was marked by the revolutions in Tunis and Egypt. The mass protests were also supported by the use of the Internet as an alternative news agency.

Slowly but surely, songs specially-composed to accompany the revolutions turned up there, particularly on YouTube. Accompanied by partly drastic film footage of the demonstrations, these had the effect of mobilizing people and stabilizing the protest. Those songs were soon being listened to by millions of Internet users and their slogans taken up during the protests. Some even became hymns of the revolution.

In close collaboration with the respective musicians and groups, we compiled the most important soundtracks of those rebellions for the CD `From the Kasbah/Tunis to Tahrir Square/Cairo and back – Our Dreams are our Weapons`.

Thanks to our continued contact with the musicians, in recent months we have been informed that the path of transformation towards democracy is destined to require more time, patience and creativity. The religious and power-hungry hardliners are on the watch out everywhere.

el general

The Tunisian rapper El Général was arrested by a 40-man security force only a few days after the release on YouTube of his protest against all forms of tyranny; this is also included on our CD.

On 15 April 2011, the blogger Maikel Nabil was sentenced to three years in jail by an Egyptian military tribunal for insulting the military.

The further struggles in Tunis and Cairo for freedom of speech, that elementary prerequisite for the installation of democratic conditions, will also need to keep alive the revolutionary spark that spread from Tunis to the whole Arab region. These dedicated musicians are sure to be vigilant and encouraging companions in that process.

So, as a temporally limited document, this CD is not only of commemorative value, given its enlightening, accusatory and indeed motivating character, it is also a companion on the way to a better future.

The journalist Birger Gesthuisen (Westdeutsche Rundfunk, among others) put it quite succinctly: “A fantastic CD!” 


Music Sample: Hany Adel / Amir Eid " Sawt el Hourreya" (The Voice of Freedom)


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