Urna Spring 2012

Newsletter Spring 2012

2. Urna meets Kroke – New Portrait CD

Berlin, May 2011: the final of a nationwide public competition to find the winner of the `Creole Prize`. Christian Scholze of the Network Medien label was on the jury, and was really pleased by the high standard of that three-day event, which involved 18 music groups.


It was there that he got to know the famous Mongolian singer Urna, she too a member of the jury. The fun of their jury collaboration also led to something more serious: Urna sent Christian her CDs, some of which are difficult to get hold of in Germany.

We were very taken by them, looked into her wider repertoire and located other recordings on which Urna was involved as a guest musician. That was the birth of the idea of a Portrait CD to make this fantastic voice known to western audiences as well.

Among the many recordings was one of a joint appearance in Shanghai with the Polish group Kroke, the quality of which was, unfortunately, not suitable for inclusion in our project. However, we know and like Kroke (represented, among others, on one of our bestsellers `Road of the Gypsies`). Kroke was very keen on the suggestion to repeat the musical encounter with Urna.

That dream came true in mid-December. We met on several days in a studio in Cracow, and the pieces recorded with Kroke now perfectly round out the CD `Urna- Portrait – Heavenly Bird`. 




Music Sample: Urna meets Kroke


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