spring 2012

Newsletter Spring 2012

1. Titina – New Portrait CD


A sensational music event took place in Lisbon on 29.11.2011:
on stage was the legendary singer Titina from Cape Verde, along with an abundance of excellent guest musicians from her homeland. The celebration was to mark Titina`s 50th stage anniversary. At the end of that brilliant concert the whole audience was raving and dancing.



Then Hilton de la Hunt presented the star of the evening with the new Network CD
'Titina- Portrait – Uma Vida A Cantar Cabo Verde`.

This CD combines the best pieces from her CDs of the past two decades with very early recordings from the early 1960s. Some of those old recordings were thought to have been lost, but we were able restore them using old 45rmp EPs as our source. The intimate charm of those old recordings, some with larger orchestras and choirs, is a fantastic complement to the more recent releases on which her warm, fully matured voice gives expression to the joie de vivre of the archipelago in a very poignant way.

Music Sample: Terra Longe


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