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Amine & Hamza

Amine & Hamza / « Perpetual Motion »

« Perpetual Motion »

Amine and Hamza, two brothers from Tunisia, are celebrated worldwide as geniuses on their oriental instruments, the oud, a short-necked lute, and the kanun, a zither. Having trained with the great masters in Tunisia, Morocco and Turkey, they recorded their first CD at the age of 16 and 17 respectively; five more were to follow.

Perpetual Motion is surely their masterpiece. They themselves call it “a new vision of contemporary world music that attempts to break down borders and barriers.” In their new works modern Arab classicism meets the western modern classicism of the Boston String Quartet, with the filigree compositions leaving ample scope for improvisation.

This wonderful project is enriched by exquisite guests: on the slow pieces the clear hovering voice of Maroua from Tunisia in the Desert Blues style, plus virtuoso musicians on flamenco guitar, the earthy-warm sound of a flute and oriental percussion instruments.

Amine & Hazma

The Tunisian musicologist Abd Ltfi Ben Brahim wrote about this project:

"The strings of Amine’s oud and of Hamza’s kanun co-mingle and invite us on a transcendent journey during which the still vivid memory of the oriental heritage blends with the fiery élan of the present. 

These embrace in a perpetual movement, in the rhythm of a beat dictated by the breath of life, with its passions, its silences, its seductive temptations. 

A journey that awakens all the senses, exuding the aroma of jasmine or outlining the arabesques of Moorish architecture. 

The string quartet supporting the melodic line forms a bridge between Orient and Occident: an invitation to cohabit in a better, multicultural world."

To our friend and master, our eternal inspiration, and especially to the father that you are to us. May our musical disputes never end!  Amine & Hamza

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