Newsletter Autumn 2010

8. Tunis – New York

The CDs by the Tunisian brothers Amine (Oud) and Hamza (Kanun), who are considered to be inseparable, have been known to us for many years.
These two geniuses made their first CD at the age of 16, followed by other projects, partly as a duo, partly with different groups.

Amine und Hamza


Their masterpiece is "Amine & Hamza – Perpetual Motion", composed in total by them: modern Arab classicism developed out of oriental roots.

Their guests on this brilliant project are the New York String Orchestra, a singer from Tunis with a sensual crystal-clear voice, percussions from Barcelona and Arab flutes. We were bowled over by the power of this music, and the decision to release was immediate – despite being aware of the fact that this kind of genre-spanning music is not easy to market.

Meantime even the field of World Music is showing the first symptoms of mainstreaming. Our credo however, has always been: sincere top-quality productions prevail in the long-term irrespective of short-term fashions.

Amine and Hamza have enriched our "treasure chest" of World Music with this CD, a veritable gem.

CD « Perpetual Motion » - Amine & Hamza" ►

9. New Structures at Network

Significant restructuring took place at Network at the end of 2009. The complete logistics, including stocks, storage, order processing, despatch, billing etc., were outsourced and are now being looked after by our long-term partners THS / Marion Kuphal. This was a source of great relief for the head-office in Frankfurt: no need anymore to wait for delivery trucks, to monitor shelves with up to 150 titles, to do the accounts.
We bid farewell to Rudolf Hasselblatt (Rudi), who for 15 years had worked at the coalface of Network’s bureaucracy and general organisation, and to Susanne Pleines, who for the past two years had been responsible for our bookkeeping. We would like to say thank you once again to them, and to all those who over the past 30 years have helped to build up this little gesamtkunstwerk and at various points ensure its internal and external stability.

We would like to apologise for the recent inconvenience caused by the changeover to our newly designed website. We were too quick to go online with the new website – and the subsequent repairs, corrections and improvements were very nerve-wracking. We can only warn all our friends and business partners to be extremely careful about any such changeover, as the possible pitfalls are endless.

Hilton de la Hunt has been coordinating the Network office since early 2010. Hilton has known Network since the early days; he helped us set up the international distribution network.
Rosy Haas is responsible for the website these days. We have known one another for years, but only recently found out how well our various qualifications complement each other. After all the corrections, additions and changes, our website will now be presenting acoustic and visual samples of our productions.
We are grateful to Dirk van Nüß for the programming required to structure the new website.

Our links of many years with Radu Marinescu, in the sound field, and with Roland Kopp, in the field of graphics, will remain in place.

In our last Newsletter we wrote about our dream of a video internet platform for World Music, TuttiMundi.TV. Well, things have progressed and become more concrete in the meantime. Initially we did a lot of internet research and rounded up more than 1000 video clips in the broad field of music from all over the world. The quality, themes, styles were very different, and not even a bundling of themes would have produced anything worthwhile.

So we have decided to place the video clips that are directly related to our productions beside them on the website. TuttiMundi.TV will then have the character of an archive of World Music. We will be presenting rarities from the history of World Music, exceptional encounters between musicians, portraits of individual artists, or else links to the respective sources.

It goes without saying that the selection criterion will be a certain proximity to our themes, our own publications. But this connection usually exists. After all, there has scarcely been a musical culture on this earth which we have not at least touched on over the past 30 years.

This diversity will not change in the years to come, on the contrary: the strong so-called back catalogue of standard works in the various realms has helped us a lot in the current phono-industry crisis.

Our thanks to everyone who has been part of this – most particularly, the many musicians!

Auf Wiederhören!                                                           

The Network Team


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