Newsletter Autumn 2010

4. "Fiesta Balkanica"

We travelled to the Balkan countries for very many of our recording sessions.

Festivals and concerts there have a dynamic all of very own: At a very early stage, the musicians enter into a lively rapport with their audience, whereupon they mutually fuel one another’s enthusiasm. Occasionally this can intensify into a state of wild ecstasy.

What then prevails is the delight, the pure joy at being able, in some public space, to leave your everyday worries behind you. Sometimes this can take on the character of a sacred act, which plays an important role in the preservation or recovery of vital energy. The musicians stoke the fire and the heat they create is then integrated into their music, resulting in a spiral of joy and passion.

fiesta balcanica

The same kind of thing can also happen during a meeting of musicians.

In spring, we invited many of the stars of the legendary Guca Festival to a joint session, although they are otherwise competitors in that annual event. Scarcely had they assembled, when they became snowed in and could not get away for days. Fortunately they had enough to eat and drink.

More than 50 musicians played themselves into a state of euphoria, the high point of which was the so-called Hot Water Festival. Trumpets, tubas, clarinets, saxophones played soli to cultic Roma melodies, vying with one another and yet totally free and exuberant.

"Fiesta Balkanica" includes a section from that particular session, plus the pan-Balkan group Sandy Lopicic Orkestar with the three female lead singers, or Magic Voices, from Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo; the Gypsy Queen Esma Redzepova; the wild Clejani Express from Romania; and the Istanbul Oriental Ensemble with its new line up. In the ‘speed contest’ at the end of that CD, the Clejani Express and the Sandy Lopicic Orkestar played until they could play no longer. Balkan Fever!

Even if the one or other symptom disappears, the resistant virus spreads relentlessly.

5. "Fiesta Tropical"

fiesta tropical

Anyone who has travelled the Caribbean islands or Latin America is aware of the importance music has in the everyday life of the people there. Regardless of time or place, music resounds from all sides, is an essential constituent, indeed the very elixir of life.

We certainly experienced this on our recording trips to Brazil, with that universal samba feeling, and to Trinidad and Tobago, with the ever-present Soca rhythms, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, with the irresistible Champeta Criolla, in Cuba, with its lively salsa and Son Montuno.

"Fiesta Tropical" is a 60-minute party, starting in Cuba, then moving on to Curacao, Trinidad and Colombia, then to Salvador de Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, all the while becoming a tropical mix that ends on the hot nights in Buenos Aires.

Along with Fiesta Balkanica, this CD established our small sub-label "Edition Silvermoon", which will be inviting listeners to even more parties in the near future.


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