Newsletter Autumn 2010

1. Network’s 30th Anniversary

First and foremost, we would like to say thank you for the many greetings and good wishes we received on the occasion of our 30th anniversary. A number of radio broadcasters devoted programmes to us, and several one-hour features were aired at different times on different stations. Some listeners were so intrigued by Christian’s stories about his wide-ranging travels of musical discovery that they phoned us or sent e-mails.

The culture sections of regional and national newspapers carried extensive reports on our music programme. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, representative of many other shorter and longer mentions, wrote:

"… the particular highly emotional and overwhelmingly colourful representation of the global
heritage ... They continue to focus on dance, revelry, exchange, passion, magic, unpredictability – experiences we have lost, about which we dream – the feeling of breadth, the excitement of the senses and the soul … this past year, several record companies have celebrated jubilees: Blue Note 70, ECM 40, Network 30. A position table? We see them all as lofty and on a par."

Needless to saying, we are always delighted when the small players, often overlooked or even ignored, have their platform raised a little.

As a gesture of gratitude to our clients, and to address potential new clients, we reduced all our prices for our jubilee year and, together with some of our distributors, have the whole Network catalogue on offer. The response has been tremendous; we even had to have new prints and CDs made of some of the older titles. We have been trying our best to keep the prices low, but already printing and pressing plants are threatening price hikes. Soon we will have to include these increases in our new price policy, albeit very moderately.


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