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Queens and Kings of Gypsy Music

gypsy queens /flammes du coeur

Gypsy Queens/Flammes du Coeur

For the first time in the history of phonographic recording, this double CD presents six of the most outstanding female voices in Gypsy music in one edition. These are songs of impassioned intensity, smouldering with emotion...

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Road of the Gypsies / L'épopée Tzigane

Road of the Gypsies / L'épopée Tzigane

The Network team presents a veritable cornucopia of profoundly emotional ballads and fiery instrumental pieces on the theme of Gypsy blues. 32 tracks, a third of them never released before...

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Russian Gypsy Soul

Russian Gypsy Soul

Russian Gypsy Soul is the first anthology ever to present Russian Gypsy music so comprehensively in all its diversity. To listen is to plumb the depths of the Russian soul, for in few other countries has the music of the Gypsies gained such widespread popularity.

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Ando Drom

Ando Drom

Ando Drom (which means "on the road" in the Romany language) is the name of a foundation that carries out workshops in music, theatre and art for young people and nurtures the culture of the Hungarian gypsies in close collaboration with the Rom parliament. A decade ago, one of Hungary´s finest ensembles emerged from this vast pool of talent...

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Esma Redzepova


Eight years after her legendary recordings for “Gypsy Queens” – “her best material so far ” (Gramophone, USA) – the “icon of Gypsy culture” is back with new heart-rending songs.
Esma lives on the periphery of Skopje near the world's largest gypsy colony, Shutka, which accommodates more than 50,000 Roma. ...

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clejani express

Clejani Express


Although quite unspectacular, indeed unremarkable, the gypsy village of Clejani in southern Romania nevertheless became a myth: as the birthplace and home of generations of wonderful musicians.

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Mustafa Kandirali & Ensemble

Mustafa Kandirali & Ensemble

These WDR recordings of Mustafa Kandirali capture the foremost clarinetist of Turkey at the pinnacle of his musical career. Kandirali, as no performer before him, embodies the melting pot that is Turkey – a bridge between the multifaceted musical cultures of East and West.

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