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  • 01 Bubuka (The Opening)
  • 02 Ecek (Move)
  • 03 Ceurik Rahwana (Rahwana's C
  • 04 Kahayang (Desire)
  • 05 Banon Dari (The Princess)


SambaSunda / Rahwana's Cry

Rahwana's Cry

The 17-strong exhilarating SambaSunda group recorded twelve groovy,trance-like tracks for their first international production, puttingtraditional Sundanese music right up there with the best of global popin our day. This acoustic project is a unique meld of manyinstruments that would not normally be heard together in this form: aSumatra oboe responding to a western violin, bamboo rattles vying withgongs and metallophone. The sound is driven by a percussion sectionfeaturing Sundanese double drums, Javanese frame drums, African djemeand Latin American timbales. Add to that a pinch of plucked dulcimerand bamboo flutes, wildly charismatic choral song and the breathtakingvoice of lead singer Rita Tila. According to co-producer Colin Bass:“This is a wild experiment that goes far beyond the facile concept ofconventional fusion projects with its compelling and distinctive style,its clear sound and irresistible drive.”

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