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Alim Qasimov

Alim Qasimov / Love's Deep OceanAlim Qasimov / Love's Deep Ocean

Love's Deep Ocean

"In the course of a lifetime, you are truly and deeply touched by a concert maybe about as often as you fall in love. This was definitely one of those rare occasions," wrote poet and singer Christof Stählin in the Stuttgarter Zeitung after hearing Alim Qasimov in concert. Few singers possess a voice of such far-famed magic. His is a powerful voice, charged with tension and resonant with emotion. Small wonder that journalists and colleagues alike describe him as the supreme singer of our time. In 1999 Alim Qasimov gained one of the highest accolades that any musician can aspire to when he became the winner of the 1999 International IMC UNESCO Music Prize. Following Qasimov’s recordings for the WorldNetwork series (Alim Qasimov Ensemble: The Legendary Art of Mugham) singer and label entered an agreement of close cooperation. To mark his UNESCO award, Alim Qasimov has recorded a new CD for Network, exceptionally inviting additional instrumentalists to form a larger ensemble, as he did for the tracks on Hommage à Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, which we have also included in this album.

For Love’s Deep Ocean

he has chosen a repertoire of ashiq ballads, love songs and instrumental improvisations, all performed with consummate skill. Moreover, on this album he presents, for the first time, his new ensemble comprising some of the very finest young musicians of his homeland, including some famous ashiqs in the legendary tradition of Shirvan. The tar lute, the kemancheh spiked fiddle, the double-reeded balaban, the clarinet and the percussion skills of two great masters of the art form an entrancing instrumental backdrop against which Qasimov’s voice shines out with brilliant radiance. An important role is also played by his twenty-year-old daughter Ferghana Qasimova, whose trained voice (according to the Frankfurter Allgemein Zeitung) "resounds like a dark bell, warmly timbred and astonishingly mature".

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