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The Enchanting Voice of Iran

Parissa & Ensemble Dastan

Parissa & Ensemble Dastan / ShooridehParissa & Ensemble Dastan / Shoorideh


The Iranian singer Parissa is a well-kept secret. With her enchanting, supremely silken voice and her intonation of the utmost precision, this musical jewel was soon hailed as an icon of Persian song. Countless tours brought her to the great concert halls of the world. As a woman, she was forbidden from performing in her homeland for many years, and internationally available recordings remained hard to come by. Now, looking back on a unique career that spans more than thirty years, she has joined forces with Dastan, the leading ensemble of Persian music, to enter the recording studio for Network. "Shoorideh" means "troubled". The lyrics on this double CD tell of the troubling turmoil of the heart. The texts were originally penned by those very poets -- Rumi, Hafiz, Sa'di und Attar - who prompted Goethe to exclaim "Truly, the poets of the Orient are greater!" All the lyrics of this beautifully presented edition have been translated in full. The musicians of Dastan play traditional lutes like tar and barbat, the kamancheh stringed instrument and percussion. Masters of the art of improvisation, they have developed a sound of rare homogeneity, melding song, poetry and instrumental accompaniment in harmonious unison. Over all this floats the peerless virtuosity of Parissa's voice. This is a musical delight long awaited by specialists and music lovers alike. cal jewel was soon hailed as an icon of Persian song.

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