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  • 01 Ritmo de negros - raiz del
  • 02 No Valentín
  • 03 Se me van los pies
  • 04 Voy cantando
  • 05 El alacrán

Pepe Vasquez

Pepe Vasquez / Ritmo de Negros

Ritmo de Negros

On the Pacific coast of Peru, a Black music culture has survived in spite of repression by the Europeans. Drums and marimbas were forbidden because they "generate trance-like states and are the work of the devil." As a substitute, unique instruments were created out of everyday materials and developed into unique instruments that have remained a staple of Afro-Peruvian rhythm. Pepe Vasquez with his smokey voice is the undisputed star of this particular music. Brimming with explosive energy, he mixes the Lando and Festejo styles with dynamic Salsa grooves. His songs "No Valentin", "Ritmo de Negros" and "Zamba malato" have become Afro-Caribbean hymns. This CD is a portrait of some of his finest music together with several new recordings, and presents this undisputed star of Afro-Peruvian music to an international audience for the first time.

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