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Ankala & World-Orchestra

Ankala & World-Orchestra / Didje Blows the Games

Didje Blows the Games

The didjeridu, one of the oldest of all known instruments, embarks on an international journey with this CD. In the year of the second Olympic Games to be held on Australian soil, a bridge is spanned between the 40,000 year-old musical culture of the Aborigines and contemporary music. The brilliant didjeridu players Mark Atkins and Janawirri Yiparrka of the Australian group Ankala (featured on WorldNetwork CD 36 Australia: "Rhythms from the Outer Core") are masters of the art of circular breathing. They have recorded some fantastic grooves with pounding rhythms, dramatic breaks, animal sounds and lyrical passages. Added to that are the sounds of violin, accordion, percussion, saxophone, flute and vocals featuring musicians from every continent on the planet.

A compelling conversation in music.

For this didjeridu world sound, Mark Atkins and Janawirri Yiparrka teamed up to jam with top American saxophonist David Murray, who has already been involved in other crossover projects combining jazz and ethnic traditions. Accordionist Francois Castiello and violinist Bruno Girard of the French group Bratsch let the primordial rhythms inspire them to breathtaking musical dialogues. Flautsist Peter Fassbender has lived in Australia for some time and has worked with Janawirri before. Vocalist Christiane Niemann is known as an experienced blues and gospel singer. The powerful rhythm formation is made up of legendary Brazilian percussionist Don Romao, Ghanaian master drummer Kofi Ayivor and Indian tabla virtuoso Shankar Lal. The result is a compelling conversation in music, to which each individual musician has contributed his own personality and distinctive sound, creating a truly global work of art.

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