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Bayuba Cante

Bayuba Cante / Orunmila's Dance

Orunmila's Dance

There were standing ovations for this multinational group at their concerts in Amsterdam, Brussels, Marseilles and Barcelona as well as on tour in Canada and Cuba. Critics have written ecstatic reports of their sparkling, funky groove: “A dialogue between saxophone and cello, three drums and a bamboo flute in conversation, or a highly original flamenco let you literally feel the inspiration, genuine highlights, before Bayuba Cante has the audience rising to their feet at the end of the concert.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) “Fusion at the service of tradition, and note vice versa! This multinational nine-member combo avail themselves of the cross-border force of the ritual songs of the Yoruba and then stop at funky flamenco and rumba, embed the invocations in soft flute and cello improvisations, or commute musically to and fro between the Caribbean and India.” (Rolling Stone) “The nine musicians in the Bayuba Cante formation are of multinational background and have chosen musical cornerstones, as it were, that anchor them firmly between the continents: ritual songs of the Yoruba still surviving today, above all in the Santeria religion in Cuba. The invocations of the Orisha deities embodied in the voices of Leoni Santander and Martha Galarraga guide the listener through imaginative arrangements in which a funky rumba rages." (Blue Rhythm) Following the enormous success of their debut album Cheba (Cat.-no. 36.583) comes their second amazing CD, with superbly arranged rhythms and songs in the Yoruba tradition, rumba and flamenco pieces with Spanish and African lyrics, trance-like rhythms from North Africa accompanied by Arab strings, Samba sounds with warm cello and flute improvisations. Bayuba Cante Leoni Santander (Chili): vocals Martha Galarraga (Cuba): vocals Lisbeth Anker (Netherlands): vocals Praful (Germany): flutes, saxophones, vocals Jeroen van Hoof (Holland): bass, vocals Gil Lopez (Spain/Netherlands): guitar Tjakina Oosting (Holland): cello Liber Torriente (Cuba): drums, percussions Afra Mussawisade (Iran): percussions Sjahin During (Turkey/Holland): bandleader, percussions Guest musicians Juan Carlos 'Papíto' Angarica & (Cuba): vocals, congas Javier Campos Martínez (Cuba): vocals, quinto, shekere Jos "El Chino" Oey (Java): backing vocals Jodi Gilbert (U.S.A): backing vocals Jeffrey Bruinsma (Netherlands): violin Children from the "Amsterdam Music School's Choir": Remke Brouwer, Gera Brouwer, Zhivago Holwijn, Zinzi Echteld, Lois Lou Müller, Amura

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