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Abyssinia Infinite featuring Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw

Abyssinia Infinite featuring Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw / Zion Roots

Zion Roots

On the musical map of the world, the music of Ethiopia is virtually uncharted. Two years ago, the Ethiopian singer Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw released an album destined to become an international bestseller. The hypnotic modulation of her voice caught the imagination of audiences and critics alike: "A voice that wafts around you like the intoxicating perfume of a plant” (New York Times). Now Gigi has joined forces with producer Bill Laswell (renowned for his work with Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Manu Dibango) to realise a longstanding dream, exclusively for Network: "Abyssinia Infinite". A project that melds the music of her homeland with West African and East African elements. The supreme sensuality of her soprano voice has an emotional depth that cannot fail to touch anyone who hears it. On the album, she is accompanied by outstanding masters of traditional instruments such as the kirar harp and the washint flute as well as other top musicians from the international music scene, including the magical Senegalese percussionist Aiyb Dieng, the virtuoso tabla player Karsh Kale, the guitarrist/accordionist Tony Cedras (known for his work on Paul Simon's Graceland project) and the Ethiopian saxophonist Moges Habte. This unique album presents the harmonious sounds of the Ethiopian musical cosmos - a musical culture stretching back to biblical times. This is Ethiopian soul at its very finest.

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