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Niki Tramba, Ross Daly & Labyrinth

Niki Tramba, Ross Daly & Labyrinth / At the Café Aman

At the Café Aman

This Network production revives an almost lost world, spiriting us away on its journey through time to the seething multi-ethnic mix in the suburbs of early 20th century Constantinople, Smyrna (today: Izmir) und Piraeus, where tobacco or hash filled hookhas steamed up the cafés, while the guests delighted in the music of Turkish-Greek orchestras. Ross Daly and his group Labyrinth have allowed themselves to be inspired by this atmosphere, and with great sensitivity have reconstructed that old ensemble sound created by stringed (oud, kanun, santur) and bowed instruments (kemence, violin), clarinet, ney flute and percussion. This CD is also the debut album of singer Niki Tramba, who is celebrated in the nights-clubs of Athens and who in the tradition of former distinguished Rembetiko interpreters renders the "bluesy" songs with great passion, singing of love and treachery, of suffering, and of the longings of the members of those impoverished subcultures on the periphery of the large cities. Recorded at the Kyriazis Studio in Athens, these tracks fascinate not only because of the virtuosity with which the young musicians perform, but also because of the closeness of their new interpretations to the sources of this early 20th century music. "The result is a remarkably 'ancient' sounding world music, which in its masterful unification (interpretation) is nevertheless thoroughly contemporary," to quote Stereoplay's review of another Ross Daly CD: Ross Daly & Labyrinth: Mitos (WorldNetwork No. 8: Eurasia).

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