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  • 01 Serenada:
  • 02 Grupo Watapana & Felipi Sin
  • 03 La Banda Rompe Cabeza: Ta m
  • 04 Oswin Chin Behilia: Bendish
  • 05 Mafalda Minguel: T’asina


Various / ABC Island Primer - Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao

ABC Island Primer - Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao

Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao - these three islands in the southern Caribbean are a cultural melting pot. Curaçao has one of the largest ports in the Caribbean. In former times, slaves were shipped from here to the neighbouring regions, and many of their descendants returned in the 20th century to work in the salt and oil industries and as dockers in a rapidly expanding port. They brought with them the music of many lands: Merengue from the Dominican Republic, Son from Cuba, Salsa from Puerto Rico, Soca from Trinidad, Cumbia from Columbia, music for the quatro (a small guitar) from Venezuela. The styles formed a unique blend with the surviving African roots. Even the language of the songs is unique. Creole Papiemento is a wonderful mix of Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Dutch. The ABC Primer presents polyphonic choirs with a Caribbean flair, gentle ballads in Son style, virtuoso guitar and wicked violin, erotic ritual music on the accordion and lively Salsa that exists in this form nowhere else. Featuring: Senerada, Grupo Watapana & Felipi Sint Jago, La Banda Rompe Cabeza, Oswin Chin Behilia, Mafalda Minguel, Arnell I Orkesta, Grupo di Betico, Issopo, Benú martis, Boy Dap, Izaline Calister, Sound Circle, Vicente Kelly, Tipico Santa Rosa, Tipico Strea di Yari Grupo Watapana

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