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  • 01 Mafe Wo - Alex Konadu
  • 02 Medan Wo - Alex Konadu
  • 03 Otwee Emporo - Kwadwo Tawia
  • 04 Enye Mea - Prince Osei Kofi
  • 05 Fine Boy - Prince Osei Kofi

The Highlife Allstars

The Highlife Allstars / Sankofa


With this album, the team at Network has made a dream come true at last – a CD packed with some of the greatest of all Highlife artists, recalling the golden heyday of Ghana’s "Guitar Highlife" and Palmwine music. Twenty years ago, Highlife was synonymous with party music throughout Africa. The recordings featuring legendary musicians bring it all to life. "Sankofa" presents guitar gods and singers Alex Konadu and Prince Osei Kofi – two of the most popular musicians in their field. No matter what the tempo – Ghana Reggae, Brassband highlife by Kwaku Abeka, deliciously laid-back Palmwine sounds by Kwadwo Tawia – this is irresistible dance music.

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