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Schäl Sick Brass Band

Schäl Sick Brass Band / Majnoun


Global grooves from Germany! Schäl Sick Brass Band are masters of subtlely and percussive power. Their unorthodox concerts, their innovative approach and their stylistic versatility have won them a broad-based following. When vocalist Maryam Akhondy closes her eyes and sings a Persian folk song with a vibrato that grips the very soul, the brasses respond gently and gradually build up to a ecstatic dance, the extraordinary creativity and undeniable instrumental virtuosity of this ensemble is immediately evident. Journal Frankfurt acknowledged their unique qualities last year in an article that proclaimed: "the most beautiful and sensuous multicultural utopia today comes from Cologne, where there is a brass band that plays contemporary folk, mirroring the grooves of the city and all its different ethnic cultures. Afrobeat is as much a part of their music as samba, oriental and Italian melodies. A Persian folk song mutates into a Cologne waltz, or is it the Cologne waltz that mutates into a Persian folk song?" -- Music without frontiers. In the Wolpertinger Ballroom at the legendary Stollwerck, equipped with highly sensitive oil-damped microphones, the band has now recorded their album "Majnoun". Like their live gigs, the CD is built up around Persian songs performed in unconventional instrumental arrangements which make the ancient repertoire of Persian music accessible to a completely new audience. Added to these are compositions by the Nigerian Fela Kuti and South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim. Dances from Bulgaria, Italy and Bavaria and Jaques Offenbach's little-known composition "Der Prinz von Arkadien". Top guest musicians from Cologne's vibrant music scene include singer Carlos Robalo from Guinea Bissau, Indian percussionist Ramesh Shotam, Cologne's samba line-up Klüngel Tropical and rapper Ade Odukoya from Nigera. Arrangements are by bandleader and zither player Raimund Roboth from Bavaria, who always has a surprise or two in store, according to his maxim "think global, play local". Intercultinental!

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