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Sexteto Mayor

Sexteto Mayor / Trottoirs de Buenos Aires

Trottoirs de Buenos Aires

Since their WorldNetwork CD "Quejas de Bandonéon" (WorldNetwork 5: Argentina) which was awarded the German Phonographic Critics Prize, and their performance in the Broadway production "Tango Pasion", Sexteto Mayor have been world famous. Given their age - between them, the six musicians can add up 400 years - it is astonishing how much vivacity and unfettered joy they have poured into this journey through the history of tango and their own musical past. Hailed as the "best tango line-up in decades" (FR) to emerge from Buenos Aires, their latest CD is a virtuoso homage to the history of tango, from Gardel to Piazzolla. The tracks range from the early tango music of the bars and brothels to new arrangements from the 30s and culminates in exuberant compositions of their own and works by contemporary masters. As one critic noted, "Carlos Gardel would be delighted at the way his music continues to develop".(FR) Guest artist on a number of tracks is Adriana Varela, currently the top tango singer. With her smokey voice, her fiery temperament and her deep emotions, she is enthusiastically feted in Argentina. At the end of the recording session, she said, "Ever since I was a child, I have dreamt of recording with these titans of tango. It was great fun to discover just how they can bring these great moments of tango history alive with so much passion and feeling." Together, these artists "transport the vision of paradise regained in tango." (FAZ)

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