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Esma Redzepova

Esma Redzepova / Gypsy CarpetEsma Redzepova / Gypsy Carpet

Gypsy Carpet

Eight years after her legendary recordings for “Gypsy Queens” – “her best material so far” (Gramophone, USA) – the “icon of Gypsy culture” is back with new heart-rending songs.

Esma Redzepova lives on the periphery of Skopje near the world's largest gypsy colony, Shutka, which accommodates more than 50,000 Roma. Together with her husband, she adopted 47 orphans and street children, all of whom received musical training. Her band, therefore, consists exclusively of her, meantime adult, sons.

On “Gypsy Carpet” Esma sings spirited and ballad-like songs about the longings and the fate of Roma women, and she does so with a lot of temperament and an ardent intensity. Her hymnic songs portray the beauty, power and tragedy that is so characteristic of gypsy music.

“A life worthy of a novel, a voice that transports us to a seventh heaven” (L'express).

This “glorious diva of a whole cultural region” (Facts) is justifiably revered, above and beyond the Balkans, as the Queen of Roma Music.

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