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Ensemble Dastan & Salhar Aghili

Ensemble Dastan & Salhar Aghili / The Endless OceanEnsemble Dastan & Salhar Aghili / The Endless Ocean

The Endless Ocean

Dastan is a musical ensemble the spiritual affinity and mutual respect of whose musicians is clearly evident in the harmony. For Dastan, the lute laments, the violin cries and the timpani scream. The singer Salar Aghili, born 1977 in Teheran, has now joined this group. Aghili is known as “the sweet-tongued” and the “beautiful singer” because of his manner of presentation and articulation. He sings in the tradition of his master Ta’rif and the internationally famous singer Shadjarian. In the traditional sound-scape of these old masters, the fresh aroma of his very personal singing style is perceptible. Aghili's collaboration with the Dastan Ensemble engenders a tone that is extra ordinary in the magical garden of Persian music and poetry. The following lines by the 14th century poet Hafiz apply here: “May the laments of the lovers fill the world: What a beautiful melody, what a joyful sound!” Salar Aghili founded the Ensemble “Raz o Niaz” (Secret and Gift) in 1998. He himself is adept at playing various instruments. He teaches at the academy of music in Teheran and gives concerts at different international festivals, including Germany. In his sensitive choice of poems, he shows a preference for verses with an internal harmony. This recording presents poems by great mystics: Attar, Rumi, Hafiz, and the contemporary poet Sayeh. The main themes of Attar, Rumi's model, are pain and suffering. Haunted by a boundless sea of pain, Attar strives, without fear of extinction, for the “candle of the spirit”. His aim is obliteration. Love is unattainable without suffering. Freely improvising, the singer Salar Aghili complements this text by Attar with a second poem by the mystic dealing with the search in an endless ocean for pearls that are only to be found beyond belief and disbelief.

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