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Sevda Alekperzadeh

Sevda Alekperzadeh / Sevdali Dunya – Worlds of LoveSevda Alekperzadeh / Sevdali Dunya – Worlds of Love

Sevdali Dunya – Worlds of Love

After the surprise success of her first international CD (A Flower in Bloom – Network Medien 495119), the sensual singing marvel from the Caspian Sea astounds us once again with her powerfully expressive repertoire.

Her voice effortlessly fills the broad range between the traditional and the modern in Azerbaijan, between mugam and jazz. Husky, blues-like tones caress the piercing lamentations of traditional mugam, full of direct emotion and modern composure, all at a high, carefully-considered, virtuoso level. A rapid dance between bright sky and dark earth.

This blending of western and eastern music has characterised Sevda’s musical career, to say nothing of her interest in classical and popular music.

As a child in Baku, with a view of the Caspian Sea, Sevda listened to her father singing mugam, and her own synthesis of mugam and jazz recalls the old wells found in almost all the inner courtyards of the old city of Baku. Sevda is constantly developing her skills and her knowledge, learning mugam singing, exploring the possibilities of jazz, mastering the special breathing techniques of bel canto. Within fine, transparent contours she weaves unexpected warm patterns which she lays over the sounds of her childhood.

Her new recordings, accompanied once again by the most outstanding Azerbaijani musicians, represent a new generation in that musical melting pot, the Land of Fire, Azerbaijan.

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