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Izaline Calister

Izaline Calister / Krioyo


Izaline Calister comes from the small island of Curaçao in the southern Caribbean. Thanks to its large harbour, Curaçao was always a cultural melting pot. Local music traditions have been influenced by African, European and Caribbean styles, as has Izaline, since her early youth. Izaline initially studied at the Conservatory in Groningen. As a result of engagements in Latin jazz ensembles she quickly made a name for herself. Jaspar van't Hof engaged her as lead singer in his band Pili Pili. She released her first solo record in 2000 and it was a huge success in Curaçao, reaching No. 1 in the charts. Her particular mixture of local traditions and jazz has been lauded by audiences and critics alike at festival concerts. Her appearance on stage is quite unforgettable: a wild, bare-footed diva. All fans of great vocal music are enchanted by her compelling, multifaceted voice. It is hardly surprising that The Beat honoured her as one of the "most irresistible divas of the Caribbean". A long-harboured dream of Izaline's has now come true – an exciting acoustic album for Network, recorded with her band, all of them thorough-bred musicians from the Caribbean. Needless to say, she has chosen rhythms from her homeland: Tambú, ritmo kombina, tumba, muzik di Zumbi (music of the ghosts). The instrumentation includes a Latin-style piano, highlife guitars, bass and violin, with a veritable percussion-fireworks on the most diverse instruments. The transition from deeply emotional ballads to piano and guitar to Afro-Caribbean party numbers often takes place in just the twinkling of an eye. Izaline sings in Papiamento, a Creole language spoken by many people in the southern Caribbean. Papiamento combines elements of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French and English; the pronunciation is oriented around West-African languages.

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