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Georgia Dagaki

Georgia Dagaki / Secret LoveGeorgia Dagaki / Secret Love

Secret Love

Georgia comes from the pulsating metropolis of Athens. She entices magically ethereal sounds from the lyra, which is normally played by men, and enchants her audiences with a voice that is now velvety and crystal clear, now husky and expressive, like in old rembetiko taverns. When she began to appear on stage, she repeatedly surprised her audiences with her music. Now sooner does she begin a piece on her lyre, but her inspiration guides her onwards. Her personal style on the lyre, which she plays, unusually, with her right hand, is complemented by her unique-sounding voice. Georgia first performed with her lyre when she was 16 years old. After her music studies, she played at different festivals, including as a guest musician with Goran Bregovic and Peridis; recently she opened an Eric Burdon concert and also played on his CD. The three-stringed fiddle-lyre, which is supported on the knees and whose strings are not pressed down but touched at the sides with the finger nails, is one of the typical instruments of ancient Greece. According to a widely-known myth, after his birth in a cave near Killini, Lesbos, one night Hermes stole bulls that were being guarded by Apollo. From his cave, Hermes spied a turtle, removed its carapace and attached strings from the entrails of the bulls to it. Thus the lyre was born. Apollo noticed the theft and complained to Zeus, whereupon Hermes offered Apollo the lyre. Apollo was enthralled by its sound.

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