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  • 01 Sygyt - Chöömej
  • 02 Ugbashkylar Ooldary
  • 03 Chomushgu Ayalgalar
  • 04 Ögbeler
  • 05 Sygyt
  • 09 Sygyt - Kargyraa

Tuvinian Singers & Musicians

Tuvinian Singers & Musicians  / Chöömej - Throat-Singing from the Center of Asia

Chöömej - Throat-Singing from the Center of Asia

At the "end of the world" or, to be more exact, in the geographical center of Asia, between Siberia and Mongolia, lies the small republic of Tuva. We would still know nothing of Tuva, were it not for this strange and remarkable song, even admired by the overtone experts of the west! The phenomenal overtone or throat-singing, which the Tuvians evoke from their throats and vocal chords, is among the most astonishing vocal forms in the world. But what may appear to the listener as throat-artistry, (how can a person sing two vocal lines at the same time?), is the expression and reflection of the centuries-old nomadic life of the herders and cattle-breeders in the solitude of the steppes, the remote mountain valleys, or the Taiga forests.

With digital recordings straight from Tuva and the excellent studio recordings made by the WDR (West German Radio and Television Network), this CD presents a fascinating spectrum of the Tuvinian art of the Chöömej, in which the magical sounds of horse-head violins and the Jew’s harp, carry you away, heart and soul, into the vastness of the Tuvinian landscape.

"The Tuva Ensemble is one of the most incredible vocal ensembles in the world. When they open their mouths, you hear notes that you never even knew existed. This music has an almost surreal quality." (Toronto Star)

"Anyone interested in that extraordinary instrument, the human voice, can hardly get around these recordings from Tuva." (FolkRoots)

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