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Gypsy Groovz Orchestra Goes TuttiMundi

Gypsy Groovz Orchestra Goes TuttiMundi / Night Train For Lovers and ThievesGypsy Groovz Orchestra Goes TuttiMundi / Night Train For Lovers and Thieves

Night Train For Lovers and Thieves

A stroke of luck for the history of music: at the invitation of Network, many stars of the legendary Guca Festival, at which they are in strong competition with one another each year, got together for a special session.

No sooner had they arrived in Guca, than they were all snowed in. For days there was no escape, but sufficient supplies of food and drink.

The more than 50 musicians played as if in a delirium, the highpoint being the Hot Water Festival, when trumpets, tubas, clarinets and saxophones played totally free and exuberant solos to cultic Roma melodies.

This brilliant 35-minute Balkan Fiesta was garlanded by ballads in which the wind instruments were accompanied by the melancholic sounds of accordions, violins, guitars and Rastafarian drummers.

The producer team courageously uploaded these recordings onto the Internet through Facebook, whereupon 120 musicians from 15 different countries joined the unusual party.

A unique document, with lots of photos and texts.

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