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Various / Golden Afrique Vol. 2

Golden Afrique Vol. 2

A brilliant edition The critical acclaim that was heaped on Golden Afrique Vol.I has spurred our team of editors. They have now completed a second volume dedicated entirely to Congolese dance music. The very finest of performers chart the history of Central African guitar music from African Rumba to the early forms of Soukous music. Here, then, is the music that has conquered all of Africa, even toppling Highlife from its throne as the pan-African party sound. From the beginnings of the outstanding Ngoma label to Kabasele’s “Indépendance Cha Cha Cha” – a 1960s single that set the whole of Africa dancing – and featuring an early recording by Manu Dibango, the ports of call on this musical journey are the sounds of the great and the good: Tabu Ley Rochereau, Franco, a musical heavyweight whose death was mourned across an entire continent, Sam Mangwana, who continues to roll back the boundaries in his indefatigable quest for new sounds and combinations, Dr. Nico, known simply as the “god of guitar”, Nyboma, whose productions even had West Africans dancing the Congolese Soukous. All this and more: as an absolute rarity, the album also features excellent songs from less famous artists, some of whom can be heard on CD for the very first time.

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