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Rustavi Choir & Duduki Trio Omar Kelaptrishvili

Rustavi Choir & Duduki Trio Omar Kelaptrishvili / 02 Georgia

02 Georgia

The Rustavi Choir from Tiflis, Georgia, is one of the most celebrated choirs of the former Soviet Union. Its members, the best soloists from throughout the republic, have been assembled to preserve the rich diversity of its age-old vocal traditions.

Georgia is particularly famous for its tradition of polyphonic songs which have survived in liturgical music and chants dating back to the 10th century. The origins of polyphonic folk songs are even older.

This CD presents a wide variety of regional styles; work songs, drinking songs and historical tunes, as well as the wonderful liturgical chants. The Omar Kelaptrishvili trio is rooted in the urban music of Georgia – where oriental and western influences blend with indigenous tradition. The velvety tone of the duduki, an oboe as we know it, is produced by a technique of circular breathing which allows the musician to play continuously without having to pause for air. These slow, stately melodies are typically played in taverns and during banquets or festivities.

Today, only a few ensembles versed in the ancient art of the duduki are to be found in Georgia.

The trio of Omar Kelaptrishvili is undoubtedly one of the best.

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