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Ross Daly & Labyrinth

Ross Daly & Labyrinth / Mitos


Cosmopolitan is the only word to describe Ross Daly: an Irish national born in England, he grew up in Japan, Canada and the United States. After receiving an education in classical music in the US, he traveled to India, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Crete. "Ross Daly is a magician leading us on a dream-like journey through a labyrinth of Greek, Oriental, and Mediterranean sounds.

His group, Labyrinth, which features more than 40 instruments including violin, clarinet, oud, sitar, tabla, rababa, lyre, and saz, is like a continent of its own," writes music journalist Armin Kerker. Daly’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge moves him to plumb the age-old depths of Eurasian folk music, bringing his discoveries back to life on their original instruments.

In Greece, he has earned acclaim not only as a renowned soloist of authentic music from Pontes to the borders of the former Ottoman empire, but also as a prolific composer. "Labyrinth fuses the diverse cultures and traditions of such countries as Sudan, Armenia, Turkey, and Crete in a way that could only be considered brilliant.

Unquestionably the world music concert of the year!" writes Journal Frankfurt about Labyrinth’s first performance in Germany.

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