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  • 01 El Castigo De Los Amantes
  • 02 Musica Con Cunli Agua Firi
  • 03 Canto De Los Seri E Yaqui
  • 04 Musica Con Fotutos
  • 05 Canto De Mujeres De Los Su

Music from the Tropical Rainforest & Other Magic Places

Music from the Tropical Rainforest & other Magic Places

"We have never encountered such a primal or prototypal music before," writes FAZ critic Ulrich Olshausen about this Colombian group. Using traditional instruments such as vessel flutes made from deer skulls, reed trumpets, water drums, etc., Yaki Kandru "create rhythms which could only be described as the primordial forerunners of a prehistoric symphon." (FAZ)

This dense jungle of atmospheric sounds transport us back to a time when mankind lived in harmony with nature and where music was used to speak with all living beings. "Free-floating and poetic music from the roots of ancient American Indian cultures ... a reaction to the destruction of culture." (Folk Magazine)

International Phonographic Award

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