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  • 05 The Curlew - McDermott's
  • 09 Mulqueen's - DeDannan
  • 13 Taim I Mo Shul - DeDannan
  • 15 The Westwind - Liam O'Flyn
  • 16 The High Reel - The Monagh


Various / Treasures of Irish Music

Treasures of Irish Music

Traditional dance tunes, fiery jigs and reels, slow airs and unaccompanied sean-nos songs are the stuff of this thrilling live recording featuring Ireland's best musicians.

This CD only confirms what true lovers of Irish Folk have already known for a long while: far older than the ballad-folk-song-traditions are the dance tunes, the fiery jigs and reels, the slow airs, the moderate melodies and the unaccompanied sean-nos songs. And it is just these traditions that are presented so thrillingly in this live recording featuring the elite of Irish musicians.

Liam O’Flynn makes his uillean pipes, (the Irish bagpipe), whimper and shout with joy. Frankie Gavin’s bow flits across the strings of his fiddle with devilish speed.Dessie Wilkinson’s irresistible rhythms and trills on the tin whistle and long concert flute make you tap your feet and force you to dance.The relatively new quintet Altan is a true find. The sensitive and beguiling female vocals are captivating, the turbulent fiddle duet, masterly flute-playing and a rhythmically intricate network of bouzouki-guitar are all enchanting. The band has won recording prizes in many countries. Even Stereo is generous in its praise: "Altan is the most popular Irish folk combo today ... Altan shows yet again that Irish folklore has lost none of its high quality musical standard." Among them are the fiddle virtuoso Frankie Gavin, the most famous singer of the Emerald Isle, Eleonor Shanley and Altan — "the most popular Irish folk combo today" (Stereo).

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