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Paulinho Da Viola & Ensemble

Paulinho Da Viola & Ensemble / Samba e Choro Negro

Samba e Choro Negro

Certainly no other sambista in Brazil is as revered as Paulinho da Viola. He uniquely combines the rhythm of the samba with lyrics of amazing sensitivity. His poetry, recited in a soft and gentle voice, continually captures the rich emotional store of Brazil and its people. The symbol of cultural resistance which he has become is not merely confined to the era of military dictatorship. In affectionate admiration, both the cultural critics and the simple people on the street, speak of the "samba elegante".

These recordings made in Rio de Janeiro by the WDR (West German Radio and Television Network), became a media event in Brazil in the autumn of 1993. Paulinho da Viola had gathered the very elite of the samba musicians: Cabelinho the master percussionist of the samba schools, Cristovão Bastos on piano and Joel Nascimento with his bandolim, Mestre Marçal on the cuíca, the female vocals of Cristina Buarque and Amélia Rabello, and many others, together with his seventy-five year old father, whose guitar playing had already made musical history before the Second World War. During four steamy, tropical nights, new recordings of the highest musical standard were created. And they provide a rare review over forty years of samba history, continually and decisively influenced by the virtuosity of Paulinho da Viola. Several choros - instrumental pieces rich in improvisation – document the melancholy side of Rio, inextricably linked with the wildly joyful vitality of the samba.

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