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Giora Feidman & Ensemble

Giora Feidman & Ensemble / Yiddish Soul

Yiddish Soul

Giora Feidman is a Klezmer, a folk musician who uses his instrument to literally and immediately translate his wealth of emotions and impressions into a vividly visual musical language. This music’s Eastern European roots merge with the tones of Yiddish song, composing the oriental element of the Klezmer’s sound. As Feidman has been living in New York for many years, the integrated influences of blues, jazz and swing can also be heard clearly.

The master of Yiddish soul music has the almost magical gift of endowing his clarinet with the expressive power of the human voice; it sings, it giggles, it moans and it whispers. "The King of Klezmer!" (New York Times)

"The first note is like a dove. Suddenly gliding into the room from out of nowhere, as if once again bearing a sign for Noah from the void" (FAZ)

"He has given the clarinet a new voice." (Benny Goodman)

"A clarinettist of world renown!" (Tagesthemen)

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