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  • 02 Rosa De Castilla - Il Folk
  • 05 Decimas Jarochas
  • 08 El Ahualulco - Tlen - Huic
  • 11 El Barzon - Amparo Ochoa
  • 14 El Hidalguense - Camperos


Various / 22 Mexico

22 Mexico

This is authentic Mexican folk music both old and new, featuring the virtuoso harp music of the Huicani trio who skilfully interweave Andalusian and African influences, Amparo Ochoa and Los Folkloristas who are the leading representatives of the nueva canción and guardians of the rich heritage of Indian and Black musical traditions, and Los Camperos whose violinist the German music press has hailed as "the mountain Paganini".

On a wide range of guitar-like and other string instruments, percussion, flutes, violins and harps, and with exquisitely arranged vocals, the musicians on this album provide a hitherto unparalleled survey of Mexico’s vibrant music scene.

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